Things to see or do in Leuven

  • If you are in Leuven on Friday morning already, it’s always nice to visit the local market at Ladeuzeplein (and the University Library) and Hooverplein (where you can see a brandnew fountain). 

  • Leuven is a small city, easy to visit by walking.

  • Climb the tower of the Central University Library for a complete view of the city, or take the Zonnetrein to pass the most important sites. 

  • Don’t miss out on Groot Begijnhof and Oude Markt. 

  • Food: Parijsstraat and Muntstraat are the best streets to find restaurants. For traditional Belgian food we can recommend L-Café, Mykene, Gloria, Troubadour, Agora, Bistro Tribunal, Den Angelus, Domus, … For vegetarians we can recommend  Mykene, Loving Hut, Greenway or Lukemieke. 

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