Registered players


The number of players is limited to 60 players. Extra players may register but will only allowed to play if other players cancel their registration.

This list was last updated on May 31


Nr Country Player Payment received
1 DE Timur Hahn Definitive
2 BE Lies Naert Definitive
3 BE Chris De Roock Definitive
4 BE Jos Dermout Definitive
5 FR Christiane D'Angelo Definitive
6 FR Thérèse Roblin In progress
7 BE Benjamin Kam Definitive
8 NL Anton Kösters In progress
9 FR Joël Ratsimandresy In progress
10 BE Marleen Dewolf In progress
11 BE Emma Mouwen In progress
13 NL Pauline van der Linden Definitive
14 NL Ad van der Linden Definitive
15 NL Gerda van Oorschot Definitive
16 FR Bruno Manzo In progress
17 FR Annie Manzo In progress
18 FR Matthieu Pfeiffer In progress
19 FR Jili Pfeiffer In progress
20 FR Sandra Bondoin In progress
21 NL Janine van Wijk Definitive
22 NL Dimphy van Grinsven Definitive
23 NL Olav Sommers Definitive
24 BE Joke Maes In progress
25 BE Peter Van Damme In progress
26 BE Irma Michiels In progress
27 NL Jacqueline Oudshoorn Definitive
28 FR Thierry Claudel In progress
29 FR Laurent Claudel In progress
30 NL Eveline Broers Definitive
31 NL Sandra van Wijngaarden Definitive
33 FR Olivier Roy In progress
34 FR Anne Sophie Bonneau In progress
35 FR Lionel Legaie In progress
36 FR Hubert Vignaud Definitive
37 FR Jerome Sahal In progress
38 FR Toto Ea In progress
39 FR Caroline Arnaud In progress
40 FR Simon Bounkeo Fongue In progress
41 NL Willeke de Bruijn In progress
42 FR Josiane Delbos In progress
43 NL Aty de Groot Definitive
44 NL Jan Warbout Definitive
45 NL Martin van Thiel Definitive
46 PL Katarzyna Chabelska Definitive
47 FR Cédric Aguerre Definitive
48 IT Daniela Natali In progress
49 IT Luca Gavelli In progress
50 IT Domenico Sansevieri In progress
51 IT Ombretta Tassinari In progress
52 IT Giacomo Ferruzzi In progress
53 IT Annabel Di Domenico In progress
54 IT Marco Montebelli In progress
55 FR Jeanlouis Barbet In progress
56 FR Eva Demichel In progress
57 NL Oscar van den Nieuwendijk Definitive
58 NL Marjan van den Nieuwendijk Definitive
59 CH Luc Humbert In progress
60 CH Gérard Hêche In progress